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Best Method Of Obtaining Muscle Mass With Anabolic Steroids

Steroids offer an appealing opportunity to receive great rewards with very little effort, and many are tempted to use them without finding out the details on how to use them safely. Keep reading more about Canada Steroids For Sale. There are many sources of instruction for the proper use of anabolic steroids, and these should be followed to the letter to obtain the maximum results safely.​

Anabolic steroids affect the body’s hormone levels, stimulating cells to reproduce and grow greater quantities of tissue mass, resulting in an almost unlimited potential for muscle development; however, due to the increased concentration of hormones the potential for catastrophic side effects is almost as unlimited. To prevent this damage, and the possibility of the steroids no longer being effective due to a decreased ability of the cell receptor sites to detect and bind to the drug, cycles of treatment should be done, with intervals of rest in between.​

What is the best method of using Steroids?

A large number of athletes who have opted for long-term anabolic steroid use, attempt to limit themselves to two cycles of the drug a year. A typical cycle consists of administering the steroid for six to twelve weeks of duration, then allowing for ten to twelve weeks of downtime for the body’s hormones to return to their normal levels.​

During an active cycle steroid may “stacked”, or taken in multiple quantities to allow for maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects; however, it is very important that during downtime no steroids be administered.​

Many professionals will complete a round of voluntary post cycle therapy. This is a series of drugs consisting of SERM drug and an aromatase inhibitor intended to reduce the sensitivity of the hormone receptors of a cell and decrease hormone levels more rapidly.​

Some Other Essential Activities​

Steroids alone will not create the desired body shape and strength of a professional athlete, but should be considered as part of a training program. As with any training program, they should be coupled with a strict diet and exercise regime.​

It is important that the body be given sufficient carbohydrates and protein to meet its needs, a level that is determined by a person’s weight and body mass index; however, excessive amounts of these substances can result in a build-up of fat.​

Supplemental potassium and calcium have been shown to decrease the incidence of some of the side effects associated with the use of anabolic steroids.​

A balanced diet can be developed on an individual basis accompanying a consultation with a physician or trainer.​

Resistance training is the most important step in muscle development, with weight training being the most common method. These weights should be used daily for maximum effectiveness, with an increasing number of repetitions in increasing quantities of weight to allow the muscle to build strength naturally. Cardiovascular exercise will also allow the body to more efficiently utilize its carbohydrates, while decreasing the incidence of damage to the heart, most notably the occurrence of left ventricle hypertrophy, a condition associated with many pathological heart diseases.​

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